Public Limited Companies

A Public Limited Company (known as a “PLC”) offers the prestige to those that own and operate such a company, but there are some drawbacks.

Public Limited Company Characteristics

A UK Public Limited Company may offer to sell its shares to the public. Before it is allowed to trade a PLC must satisfy Companies House that at least £50,000 of shares have been issued and that each share has been paid up to at least a quarter of its face value. It is important to note that the shareholders are potentially exposed to GBP50,000 in total,

A Public limited company has to have a minimum of two shareholders and a minimum of two persons acting as company directors. The company secretary must be a person that can demonstrate he/she has the necessary skills and experience to carry out their duties adequately. We can provide a Company Secretary for PLC’s

The Company Secretary must have: 

(a) had a position of company secretary or alternatively have been a deputy company secretary as at 22 December 1980, or 

(b) been a company secretary for three out of the last five years with a company which is non private or 

(c) be a legal person with the appropriate qualifications obtained in the UK or 

(d) the confidence of the directors who feel that due to the persons experience and knowledge can discharge the required duties in the manner expected or 

(e) is a member of one or more of these professional organisations: 

  • the ICAEW
  • the ICAS
  • the ICAI
  • the ICSA
  • the ACCA
  • the CIMA
  • the CIPA


How to Order a Public Limited Company

Please contact our public limited company specialists for further information.

Step 1

Step 1: Check Your Company Name Direct With the Companies House Database To See If It's Available