Blue Sky Scholarship Programmes

Blue Sky Scholarship Programmes

Blue Sky Scholarship Programmes

Win A $1,000 Scholarship!

We are a young company formation agent and as such, we are passionate about the entrepreneurial spirit. Because of this, we will be offering a $1,000 scholarship to one student based on their abilities in entrepreneurship. We are very eager to hear all about any top marketing strategies you may have regarding small business growth that utilises online marketing. To participate, you will have to make a video under a minute run time that presents an effective marketing plan targeted towards fellow college students.

Just think about the leg up you will have towards furthering your education with a $1,000 scholarship. Should you win, you can apply the $1,000 directly to your college tuition, giving you a firm foundation with which to start your higher education. The beginning of May 2018 will be your final deadline, so make sure to get your submission in if you’d like a chance to win the scholarship in time for the September semester of the same year.

Please keep the following information handy to make sure you fully understand the rules:

1. Eligibility

This scholarship is available to any student that will be enrolling in an accredited college or university in the 2018 or 2018 school years.

2. Guidelines

We are seeking out bright young minds with creative and forward thinking ideas for using online marketing to promote small business growth. The video must have a run time of under 1 minute.

3. Judging

Your submission will be judged based around the level of effort put into it as well as the creativity put into your strategy. A solid understanding of both small business growth and online marketing must be present throughout. Production value isn't crucial, but submissions with the best audio and video quality will certainly stand out.

4. Application Process

  • Film your video and ensure that the run time is under 1 minute
  • Upload your final product to YouTube
  • Include "Blue Sky Formations Marketing Scholarship" in your title
  • Paste the Blue Sky Formations Marketing Scholarship link ( in the video description
  • Once the video has gone live, send an email to with a working link to your YouTube video. Include your name, number, address , the school you are enrolling in and intended area of study in your email too
  • Finally, please include proof of enrolment and acceptance

5. Deadline

The final deadline to enter the scholarship will be May 1st of 2018. Only one winner will be chosen and the announcement will be made by May 5th. The initial winner will have up to 3 weeks to claim their prize.

Many students go into college without any sort of scholarship and are often faced with very difficult financial situations. If you have a passion for the internet, online marketing and video production, you can easily combine all of the above into a submission to this contest that may well grant you a $1,000 prize. If you work hard enough at making a unique submission that shows creativity and potential as well as a well-rounded understanding of the subject matter, you'll have a strong chance to come out on top.