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Protection PLUS

Protection Plus

This all inclusive pack offers complete protection for clients not wishing to appear on the public register, plus all that is required to start trading immediately. Within hours of incorporation, we will email you a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation and the Memorandum & Articles of Association.

A printed Certificate of Incorporation, three bound copies of the Memorandum & Articles plus a bound Company Register will be posted by first class post, the day of incorporation.

A Registered Office for one year at our prestigious London address for receipt of all official mail from HMRC and Companies House is also included. Please note, all other post will be returned to sender, unless our Mail Forwarding Service is purchased.

A Service Address for one year for one officer thus ensuring their personal address is protected.

By taking advantage of our fast track arrangement with Barclays to open your business account, we take care of this and all other formalities. Then once your account is open, just email us and we will refund £50 back to you (either by cheque or back to the credit card used to purchase the company).

  • Emailed Certificate of Incorporation
  • Emailed copy of the Memorandum & Articles of Association
  • Printed copy of the Certificate of Incorporation on official paper (by post)
  • Three bound copies of the Memorandum & Articles
  • Bound Company Register
  • Barclays fast track business bank account
  • Emailed Share Certificate(s)
  • Companies House web filing code (for future amendments to your company)
  • Registered Office Service for one year - Use of our prestigous London office address as your official company address
  • Service Address for 1 officer for one year - Keep your residentai address from appearing on the public register and therefore providing you with complete privacy

If you select a Barclays bank account, once your account is open, and you have claimed your £50cash back, this all inclusive pack will only cost you just £34.99.