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Registered Office

Registered Office

Registered office

The registered office address is the official address of a company. This is where any documents from Companies House, HMRC and other Government Departments, as well as legal papers, are delivered. If delivered to the Registered Office address, they are considered to have been properly delivered to the company.

A UK registered company must be registered in one of four domiciles – England & Wales, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland. You must have a physical address (i.e .not a PO Box) within one of these domiciles for your registered office.

Your registered office will appear on the public register at Companies House and must appear on all company stationary, invoices, emails, websites etc. in legible characters. If you do not think that your address is suitable for this (e.g. you are trading from home and do not want your home address available to the public) and you have registered in the England & Wales domicile then Blue Sky Formations can provide a registered office address in London for you. All official mail* will be forwarded on to your specified address.

Why would I use your London registered office?

  • Privacy: Our London registered office address service keeps your personal address off the public records, but still enables you to receive important mail.
  • Prestige: London based offices have a certain status of prestige. This may encourage trust in your customers and suppliers.
  • Multiple Locations: By using our London registered office, you have the opportunity to make your company look like it has multiple offices or to maintain the perception of separation for different brands.

Set up

Our two London registered office locations have a 50% discount for the first year. After the first year is finished, the renewal fee is at full price.

Item Cost
London Registered Office (first year) £24
London Registered Office (per year thereafter) £48
Central London Registered Office (first year) £60
Central London Registered Office (per year thereafter) £120

Note that this service includes the use of our address as Registered Office only, your Director’s service address will still appear on the public register. If you’d like full privacy, please also look at our Service Address offer.

Proof of ID

Due to our legal obligations in complying with the Anti-Money Laundering regulations, we must verify the identity and address for any customer taking our London registered office service. We will attempt to do so using an electronic lookup function, but if this is unsuccessful, we will contact you outlining what hardcopy documents we require.

* Official mail includes mail from Companies House, HMRC, Government Departments and the Courts.