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Off the Shelf Companies

Large Stock Available

Large Stock Available

Off the shelf company

Off the shelf companies are ready-made limited companies that we have incorporated ourselves and maintained dormant for immediate purchase. Before online incorporations, it used to take weeks to set up a company, thus off the shelf companies provided – and still do provide – a good immediate solution. The choice is like buying a suit. You can either buy one off the peg (like an off the shelf company) or get one tailor made (a normal company formation).

For our clients, off the shelf companies are still in high demand. Although Companies House can incorporate a company in a day, off the shelf companies allow you to get a company without having to wait for your application to be processed which is particularly useful if you are under a tight deadline for a formation.

If you are purchasing an off the shelf company then we will need to take steps to verify your identity and residential address to fulfil our responsibilities under anti-money laundering regulations. We will also need to make certain filings on behalf of the company to ensure that the public register is accurate.

Buy an off the shelf company

Our off the shelf companies are generally between 1 to 5 years old. You can choose to reserve one for a maximum of two days before it is made available again. To buy an off the shelf company, please contact us as our stock changes regularly.

Off the Shelf and Vintage Company Prices

Any ready-made company less than a year old is £104 + VAT. The Fees for older companies increase with age:

Company Age Price List

  • Over one year, less than two — £250 + vat
  • Over two years, less than three — £350 + vat
  • Over three years, less than four — £450 + vat
  • Over four years, less than five — £550 + vat
  • Over five years, less than six — £750 + vat
  • Each year thereafter — Add £100 + vat

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