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Post Incorporation Services

Post Incorporation Services

We offer both annual and ad-hoc Company Secretarial Services, to read about our annual services please visit our Company Statutory Books page . For our ad-hoc services, read on.

Adoption of articles

We can draft, prepare and file new Articles of Association and the associated minutes and resolutions for you. We have built a large range of precedents over the years suitable for most situations, but can also draft bespoke clauses to your specifications.

Item Cost
Adoption of Articles £120 + VAT

Change of share capital

The share capital of a company can be restructured in many different ways; we have extensive experience in share restructuring and can offer:

  • Creation of Additional Share Classes, including Redeemable, Convertible, Employee and Preference shares
  • The Re-Designation of Existing Shares and the Variation of their Rights
  • Subdivision, Consolidation and redenomination of shares
  • Allotment or Transfer of Shares
  • Redemption of Redeemable Shares
  • Purchase of Own Shares from Reserves or Capital, or under 'De minimis exemption'
  • Share for Share Exchanges

Price: Varies, please contact us for a quote.

Company name change

If you need to change your company name, we can do it for you by Special Resolution or by other means outlined in your Articles of Association. The service includes changing your company name, a printed Name Change Certificate and 5 bound updated copies of the Articles of Association once the change has been registered.

A Same day service is available on request, for an additional fee.

Item Cost
Company name change £60 + VAT

Disbursements vary depending on the restoration method, the length of time the company has been dissolved, and the filing status of the company prior to dissolution. For an accurate quote, please contact us.


We can change your company's legal form by re-registering it, e.g. changing your private company to a public company, or vice versa.

Item Cost
Re-registration from £240 + VAT

Re–printing of Memorandum & Articles of Association

Re-prints of updated Memorandums & Articles of Association. This will include any changes that have been made to the company since it was incorporated.

Price: Varies depending on the number of changes that need to be incorporated and if a re-type is required. Please contact us for a quote.

Reconstruction of Statutory Registers

Often companies do not recognise the importance of maintaining accurate company registers and neglect this duty. Later, when they are looking for an exit and a potential buyer comes along, they discover that a condition of sale is the delivery of the company's statutory books.

If you have a sudden need to produce statutory books that have been lost, damaged or destroyed (or never existed), then we can assist by reconstructing them based on the decisions that would have been made using the filings with the company registry and on other information provided by you.

Item Cost
Reconstruction of Statutory Registers from £240 + VAT*

* From £240 + VAT, depending on the age of the company and the number of transactions in the company's history. For an accurate quote, please contact us.