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Company Statutory Books

Company Statutory Books

Company statutory books

One of the administrative burdens of running a company is maintaining its statutory books. These are a series of registers that need to be updated to reflect any changes in the company. If your company does not have a company secretary then this task falls to the director(s).

The statutory books must be kept at the registered office or at the "Single Alternative Inspection Location" (SAIL) address. Members of the public can inspect the statutory books if they give the requisite notice – you have full rights to know why they require the information. They can only be inspected at either the registered office or SAIL address. You can also charge a reasonable fee to allow people to inspect them.

You can object to the inspection if you think they will misuse the information, but you will have to go through the courts.

We offer a maintenance of statutory books service to relieve you of the administrative burden. They will be kept in our offices and you only need to advise us of any changes that need to be made.

Our service frees up a lot of the Director's time so that they can concentrate on what really matters – their business. Here is how we can help you:

Why would I use your maintenance of statutory books service?

  • Administrative burden: We will make all the necessary changes to the statutory books when you notify us. Moreover, we also file your Annual Confirmation Statement with Companies House
  • Preparation of documents: When it comes to changes in officers and shareholders, we prepare the minutes and forms to create the change. We then register the new changes with Companies House if applicable*
  • Inspections: If a member of the public wish to inspect your statutory books, they can do so in our office under our supervision


Item Cost
Maintenance of statutory books (first year) £96 + VAT
Maintenance of statutory books (per year thereafter) £120 + VAT

* The annual fee includes up to three changes to officers and up to three changes to shareholders in the year

Annual Confirmation Statement Filing

If you wish to maintain your registers yourself, but want some assistance to make sure you file your Annual Confirmation Statement (previously the Annual Return) on time each year, then our Confirmation Statement Filing service is a suitable alternative.

When your Annual Confirmation Statement is due, we will contact you to find out if there have been any changes in the company structure during the year, and then file the Confirmation Statement on your behalf.

Item Cost
Annual Confirmation Statement Filing (per year) £41.99 + VAT

Dormant Company Maintenance

If you have incorporated you company solely for name protection purchases and never intend to trade with it, or you have incorporated with the view that the company may be useful at some point in the future, then you should find our Dormant Company Maintenance service useful.

We will file the company’s Annual Confirmation Statement each year, as above, but will also file dormant company accounts for as long as the company remains dormant.

Item Cost
Annual Confirmation Statement Filing (per year) £60 + VAT

To purchase any of the services outlined on this page, please contact our Company Secretarial Team for free on 0800 988 3223 or email us.